Information Technology Conference for JHI recently hosted the annual Information Technology Conference for JHI, the world’s largest association of accounting and management consulting firms.

The conference featured presentations and moderated discussions on immediate and strategic IT initiatives and opportunities within professional service firms.

More than 20 firms from around the world were represented.

About Dan Harris

Dan Harris is an expert at translating complex technologies and strategies into practical solutions that help small and mid-sized businesses achieve greater efficiency, productivity and accountability, enhance customer outreach, improve overall quality and implement security measures to keep their vital information resources safe.

As founder and principal of Chicago-based, a leading international Information Technology and Management Solutions consulting firm, Dan has provided technology advisory services since 1984, including strategic technology workflow and business process evaluation, Internet and Intranet technologies. He is particularly expert at design and implementation of collaboration technologies such as Lotus Notes that help global businesses communicate more effectively, manage knowledge and leverage “remote” expertise.

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