Lotus Notes / Lotus Domino

Lotus Notes / Lotus Domino: An Integrated Messaging and Collaborative Environment

The Lotus software line provides powerful tools for connectivity in and out of the office walls. It enables employees to utilize a variety of collaborative communication instruments – instant messaging, contact management, discussion forums, web conferencing, email, document transfer, shared databases, calendaring and scheduling – all within a reliable messaging environment.

  • Lotus Domino is a server platform functioning as a central point from which you can manage your entire IT infrastructure. Utilizing Domino helps your organization increase employee productivity, enhance communication and collaborate in real time from around the globe with less effort, lower costs and fewer resources.
  • Lotus Notes: IBM estimates that over 130 million users enjoy the benefits of Lotus Notes as an email client, confirming the reliability and efficiency of this platform. But as the world’s most popular messaging platform, email is just the beginning. Lotus Notes applications allow employees to share information and collaborate in a way that inspires innovation and gives your business a competitive edge. Through a variety of adaptable product applications, Lotus Notes can help your organization access information more easily, work more productively and collaborate more effectively. Let en-terpret’s engineers work with you to customize or enhance a Lotus Notes application that meets your organization’s needs
  • Lotus Software provides collaborative applications to streamline the email, scheduling and communication processes in your organization.
  • For more details, CLICK HERE to go to the IBM website for more information on the features and benefits of the Lotus Notes / Domino software.