E-Mail en-cryption

E-Mail en-cryption: Secure Messaging From a Partner You Can Trust

‘E-mail is one of most insecure means of communication. E-Mail en-cryption from en-terpret.co provides a secure messaging system that minimizes the risk of confidential information being lost, stolen or intercepted by the competition. E-Mail en-cryption from en-terpret.co helps ensure security for your customers, employees and anybody else with whom you communicate by utilizing a hosted e-mail portal that scans all outgoing messages and automatically encrypts sensitive information.Consider these benefits of E-Mail en-cryption from en-terpret.co:

  • Helps you meet your legal and ethical responsibilities to protect your confidential communications
  • Puts you back in control of your most critical documents
  • No more worries about exposing sensitive data through clear-text e-mail
  • Security delivered by a trusted and certified third party
  • Simple to install, simple to use
  • Cost-effective

E-Mail en-cryption from en-terpret.co. Call us today at (773) 868-4381.

Why is E-Mail en-cryption by en-terpret.co and ZixCorp different from other e-mail security systems?

This message security solution is advantageous for several key reasons:

  • No additional hardware or software is required. This is a fully hosted solution with little or no IT overhead at your office.
  • ZixCorp is the premier vendor of secure e-mail options for industries such as healthcare, financial and, legal and others. ZixCorp is SAS70, SYSTRUST and HIPPA certified. These certifications assure privacy
  • en-terpret.co is the first link and we\’ll make sure your messaging strategy is implemented effectively and supported continuously through our redundant, secure data center.
  • This is a very transparent process for your users. Users can mark a message “confidential” but ZixCorp also “scans” every message to determine if it contains confidential information. Thus, you are not just relying on users to “do the right thing” – or do anything at all!
  • ZixCorp also offers a very usable solution for clients to send information to you. The secure portal can be linked to your website so clients can easily initiate inbound items.
  • en-terpret.co will provide usage data so that can optionally charge clients for usage – much like passing on FedEx and other costs.

What does the setup process look like?

Your trusted partners at en-terpret.co walk you through the setup process from start to finish. Here are the steps:

  • Your domain and specific server needs a “Trusted Certificate.” This is a registration with a third party (such as Verisign) that issues certificates for many corporations and organizations. A certificate is your server’s digital identity card that ensures ZixCorp that the message is really from you. We’ll help you with the process of obtaining this certificate.
  • You need to set up an e-mail policy that routes all outbound mail to the ZixCorp appliances at en-terpret.co‘s data center. We’ll help you do that and ensure that it is working correctly.
  • If you choose to have a “custom” portal developed, we will help you design it, submit artwork and review the results.
  • You need to alert your clients and customers about this process – not only that they will now receive messages from you in this new way but also that they have a new mechanism for sending secure messages to you. We’ll help you with suggested copy and instructions.

How does it work?

  • An e-mail user creates an email message in Outlook or Notes as always.
  • All outbound messages are securely directed to redundant ZixCorp appliances at en-terpret.co. The connection to en-terpret.co is a secure, encrypted TLS link.
  • The ZixCorp appliance “decides” if it is a “normal” message or a secure message. This is a sophisticated process that looks for likely-confidential data within the message and any attachments.
  • If message is “normal,” it is sent via normal channels and delivered to client directly.
  • If message should be “confidential” it is redirected to the ZixCorp Data Center.

What happens at ZixCorp?

Once at ZixCorp’s data center the message is analyzed and processed accordingly:

  • If ZixCorp “knows” the recipient then the message is forwarded to the recipient’s inbox. ZixCorp “knows” over 11 million mail users and domains. This is the simplest scenario for sender and recipient!
  • If ZixCorp does not know the recipient, the intended recipient receives an e-mail notice that a message is waiting for them at the “en-terpret.co Portal.” The message has a link to original, now-secure message.
  • ZixCorp / en-terpet.co logs this message and provides chargeback reports monthly.
  • After creating a login and password, the client / customer logs in to the portal and retrieves the message via a secure SSL connection. This “portal” is an en-terpret.co “webmail” site, but can be branded with your company’s look.
  • The clients / customers can also compose new secure messages intended for your mail users. These would be received securely in the user’s normal inbox.

What do I pay?

  • Only $8 per user per month, based on a 2-year contract and using either en-terpret.co / JHI’s or ZixCorp’s “unbranded” portal.
  • Optional: $6,000 per year for a “custom” portal with your branding.
  • An initial, one-time implementation fee of just $1,500.

Where can I go for more information?

Your trusted partners at en-terpret.co are standing by ready to answer whatever questions you might have. Just give us a call at (773) 868-4381.

How does the message get from our server to en-terpret.co securely?

We work with you to establish a policy-based TLS connection between your server and our maximum security Data Center. This connection is encrypted by means of trusted certificates on both ends.

We’ll be relying on en-terpret.co for mission critical email sending. How do you meet this expectation?

We have provided a variety of redundancies to assure reliability. First, we have redundant connectivity via two separate paths to the Internet. We have tested failover and retest this monthly. Next, we have redundant ZixCorp appliances that handle mail. Our Data Center also has smart-card+biometric security and power backup. Finally, in the unlikely event of an outage of any of these components we will notify you immediately and you can temporarily revert to sending e-mails directly without security – just as you do now.

Same Question – about ZixCorp…

ZixCorp’s data centers are fully redundant with fiber connections to three separate Internet backbone providers. Their servers and infrastructure has been sized to host encryption keys for every e-mail user in the world! Your confidential data will “live” at ZixCorp until your recipients pick it up. From a privacy standpoint, ZixCorp is relied on by some of the world’s largest financial institutions, medical centers, insurance companies and more. They are a SAS70 Type II accredited data center and have SYSTRUST and HIPPA certification.

Explain how ZixCorp can directly deliver “some” messages securely while some need to go to the portal.

This has to do with the fact that ZixCorp is one of the largest providers of secure e-mail services in the world. If ZixCorp already “knows” about the domain to which you are sending, they can use the TLS-secure connection with that domain to deliver your message directly and fully encrypted from end-to-end.

Why can’t I manage our own secure connections to our clients and customers?

Well, you could. All it takes is an exchange of certificates and setup of a TLS connection to/from each and every client or customer – in advance of an e-mail communication. And then all you have to do is maintain those connections now and forever! For most companies, this is completely unrealistic. ZixCorp is in the business of managing secure connections. This way you need to manage only one connection – to ZixCorp!

How do I know if/when our clients or customers retrieve their message(s)?

Messages will remain at the portal for up to two weeks. You have the option to be notified when a client opens the link in the e-mail they receive. You will also be notified if messages “expire” at the portal.

How does the “chargeback” functionality work?

On a monthly basis we will send you a report showing how many messages were sent to a particular domain where that domain receives messages by the ZixCorp Portal. We can also report on the number of \”composed\” messages from your customers sent via the secure portal.

Where can I go for more information?

Your trusted partners at en-terpret.co are standing by ready to answer whatever questions you might have. Just give us a call at (773) 868-4381.